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The Farm

Most senior dogs come to Jane's Journey Home near the end of their lives from local humane societies and reputable rescues. Due to chronic conditions, illness, and age senior dogs are often the least likely to be adopted.  All too often shelters are faced with the difficult decision to prematurely euthanize an elderly pet because of it's age and inability to find an adoptive home.   For whatever reason they have ended up in a shelter, whether their owner's health prevented them from being able to care for their beloved pet and they were surrendered, or they were found abandoned on the street wandering alone and afraid. We open our doors to the terminally ill, advanced aged dogs, and elderly special needs pets. We do this to alleviate the pressure on caring shelters and veterinarians to prematurely euthanize stable senior pets that still have so much love to give. We provide them with the comforts of home, quality veterinary care, and a peaceful place to rest and retire. We do our best to replace fear with love and comfort. For some it may mean managing their health and finding a loving adoptive family with which to live out their golden years.  And for others, it simply may be an opportunity to spend their final days pain-free, with dignity and respect at The Farm. 

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