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Jane Barton

The idea for Jane's Journey Home started with Jane Barton. Jane grew up in the small town of Westfield, Wisconsin, where she developed a strong love for animals of all kinds, whether pets, domesticated farm animals, or wildlife.  

She spent her adult life caring for others as a skilled x-ray technician first in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and then in San Pedro, California. It was there her free hours were spent walking and playing with her beloved dogs. It was also during these times that Jane witnessed many abandoned and suffering dogs on the streets and at shelters, desperately needing someone's help. Her social circle became focused on friends and neighbors with pets of their own and they’d plan trips to the dog parks together.  These times with friends and their canine companions were Jane’s favorite memories which she shared often with those she loved.

When Jane learned she had terminal cancer in 2013 and was given less than a year to live, she dedicated her final days and her life savings to the care of aging dogs.  Having witnessed firsthand the inhumane treatment of aging animals in her community and needless suffering and death, Jane decided to leave a lasting legacy of caring for these animals. Before Jane died she earmarked seed money for this project.  Jane entrusted her son, Lawrence Barton, with carrying out her vision of providing sanctuary for aging and special needs dogs and ensuring a painless and peaceful passing when the time came.

Jane Barton passed away peacefully on October 23, 2014.  She died knowing that her life had meaning and would continue to serve others for years to come.

In 2021, to honor his mother, Lawrence Barton created Jane's Journey Home for Dogs, Inc.  Jane's Journey Home for Dogs is a nonprofit organization established to realize Jane's ultimate dream to provide a physical place for aging pets as a rural retirement home for dogs in their senior years with trained staff, veterinarian oversight, and loving volunteers.

In the Spring of 2022 Lawrence Barton and his wife Melanie made Jane's dream a reality by purchasing the picturesque Heavenly Hills Farm near Devil's Lake, WI for Jane's Journey Home for Dogs. Nestled into the Baraboo Bluffs, this 36 acre farmette provides peacefulness and comfort for those that need it most. With groomed trails for a quiet walk, indoor and outdoor yards to play or lounge in, a quaint visitors center, and ample indoor and outdoor community gathering spaces; Jane's Journey Home is more than just a shelter.

Jane's Journey Home for Dogs will spend all of its time supporting aging dogs and special needs pets through community outreach and education. First and foremost it will provide a retirement home with palliative care for geriatric dogs near the end of life. And when the time comes, a painless and peaceful journey to that end with love and support for our loyal companions.

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