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Our Current Residents

Meet the dogs that call JJH home.

Here at Jane's Journey Home for Dogs our mission is to provide a peaceful retirement home, love, and dignity to elderly dogs as they journey through the end of their lives. Jane's Journey Home for Dogs is a 501c3 Non Profit sanctuary that receives no government funding. We provide a loving final home for elderly dogs, where we rarely adopt or foster out. This is an important part of our mission as it is stability that these elderly dogs need most.  The seniors receive veterinary care, specialized feeding plans, and all the love and attention they need from our dedicated staff and volunteers.  Imagine getting to the end of your life and losing the only family you ever knew or being left at a crowded, noisy shelter and being passed by again and again simply because you are old. These pets have worth. Senior dogs show us the truest examples of loyalty and unconditional love and it is our job to return that love to them every day that they are with us.

Since we become their family and care for these seniors on their journey their medical bills are more extensive than a regular structured rescue where they are quickly adopted out. We focus on very senior and hospice cases that do not have a chance at being adopted, allowing them dignity and a lifelong home before they pass. The only way we are able to offer this sort of care to our canine residents, and continue to offer it, is because of donors and sponsors like you.  We cannot do this alone.  

Forever in our Hearts

Every dog that comes through our sanctuary doors is special.  Whether they are with us for a year, a month, or only a few days.  We give them a home and treat them with dignity and love every precious moment they are with us.  Gone but not forgotten, these are the special seniors that found their final home here at JJH.

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